By participating in the Gornergrat Zermatt WinterRun you automatically agree to the competition terms and conditions:


1. Participation abilities

Only well-trained runners can consider participating in the Zermatt WinterRun. Each participant is entirely responsible for his or her state of health. It can be fatal to start shortly after an infectious disease such as sore throat, flu, etc. Taking painkillers or similar medication before departure can also lead to a fatal outcome.


2. Checks

The participant is responsible for controlling the route taken and the conditions of the ground. If these are dangerous, it is up to the participant to choose whether he or she still wants to use the trail.

3. Assistance

The use of walking sticks, ski poles, any other poles, or crampons is permitted and even recommended.


4. Escort vehicles

Escort vehicles of any kind are not permitted on the entire itinerary.


5. Act of protest/disqualification

Any violation of the regulations as well as any behaviour contrary to sportsmanship (shortcuts, failure to comply with official guidelines) will result in disqualification without any discussion and no recourse. This can be notified during or after the run by a person from the organisation. The disqualified runner may not exercise any rights or make any claims.


6. Liability/insurance

The insurance is at the participant's expense. Each participant must be insured for civil liability towards third parties and against personal accidents. The Gornergrat Zermatt WinterRun Association cannot be held responsible in the event of accident, evacuation, hospitalisation or illness towards participants, spectators or third parties.

The organiser cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage due to transport.


7. Security

The participant is responsible for his or her own safety towards himself or herself and third parties during the journey, the journey from his or her home to the event location and until his or her return home.


8. Equipment

The Gornergrat Zermatt WinterRun takes place in an alpine and winter-like environment, so the temperature between the start and the finish can show big differences. It is therefore strongly recommended that you take warm, weather-proof clothing with you, as well as a change of clothes suitable for the conditions. In addition, it is the runner's responsibility to take along the equipment. The runner can refer to the advice on our website.


9. Results

The results will be available at the end of the period on the STRAVA application. A provisional classification is updated at the time of the participation of each runner.


10. Record times on shortened trails

Record times on shortened routes have no validity. If the weather conditions do not allow to follow the path indicated by the application and the directional signs, it is the participant's responsibility to retrace his steps and to start the route again when the track is practicable.